Angel Birdfeeder

Exquisite Birdfeeder With Carved Wood Appearance

This Angel Bird Feeder is sure bring a bit of Heavenly light to your garden! Add charm to your outdoor living space with this graceful statue that holds an offering for the local bird population.

The Angel Bird Feeder is beautifully designed to blend in with your outdoor living space with a climbing vine detail that adorns her gown. The picture of grace, she stands tall with her wings poised erect as she holds a basket in outstretched arms for you to fill with seed for your feathered friends. Made of a stone and resin blend, the Angel Bird Feeder stands 9 ¾” x 9 ½” x 20” high with the ornate look of an aged garden relic. Beautiful enough for indoor display, you’ll no doubt admire her elegance no matter where you chose to show this lovely piece.

The stunning Angel Bird Feeder makes a great gift for friends of Christian faith. Share her captivating presence with an angel in your life for a gift that is sure to be treasured!


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  • $ 49.95Angel Birdfeeder