Archangel Michael Relief

Relief Of Angel Michael With The Scales Of Justice

Angel Michael Christian Relief

This beautiful piece is intricately modeled after the original piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1475 A.D. Originally created by Andrea De La Robia (Italy), this masterful reproduction is created from bonded stone. The stunning relief depicts Archangel Michael with his mighty sword in one hand, and the scales of justice in the other. Michaels wings are wide spread and his demeanor shows he is in deep thought as mankind hangs in the balance. The semi-circle shape of this unique relief looks fantastic over doorways and windows, and it is available in hand painted pastel color or natural stone. This fantastic Christian gift measures roughly 9" high x 18" wide and weighs approximately 7 lbs.

Hand Painted Angel Michael Relief Natural Stone Angel Michael Relief

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History Of Angel Michael

The Archangel Michael, whose name means 'who is as God', is generally considered to be the foremost of the seven archangels and the leader of the Host of Heaven. He derives originally from the Chaldeans by who he was worshiped as something of a god. Angel Michael is the chief of the order of virtues, Prince of the presence, angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification: also ruler of the 4th Heaven, tutelary sar (angelic prince). Angel Michael is the prince who defended the Israelites and later, it was claimed, the Christian Church, when as guardian he may be called on (sometimes with Gabriel) to defend church doors against the evil angels. According to the Book of Revelations, Michael and his angels' are described as fighting the dragon and his angels. Hence Angel Michael is often shown fighting or overcoming a dragon armed with spear or sword as God's Warrior.

Angel Michael is believed to have appeared to Moses as the fire in the burning bush, and to have rescued Daniel from the lions' den. To Christians, he's the angel who informed Mary of her approaching death.

Once upon a time, Gabriel and Angel Michael visited the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him. The latter had a tooth stick in hand which he immediately handed to Gabriel, the angel who constantly brought him Revelation. Gabriel said: "O Muhammad! give it to the elder angel." The Prophet gave it to Angel Michael. The Prophet said: "God gave me two celestial assistants to help me deliver my Message: Gabriel and Michael." He used always to send for Gabriel and Angel Michael concerning matters important to human beings.

The caller to prayer in the heavens is Angel Gabriel and the prayer-leader is Angel Michael. God created a house for Himself in Paradise to which the angels make pilgrimage every day five times. There, five unique prayer-services are held and every service is heralded by Gabriel and led by Michael. The angels all come with their lights and ornaments, their jewels and fragrances, chanting and praising God with their heavenly music. Some people on earth, especially children, are able to hear their voices. This sound gives them indescribable pleasure. Every unique angel chants and praises in a different language without clash or disharmony. All are pleading to God for mercy for human beings and asking Him to elevate the state of people so that they can hear and see these daily ceremonies. To reward the angels for their praise, for the sincerity of their intercession, and to show them the great extent of His mercy, God at every moment showers His gift of mercy on human beings.

God has created the Angel Michael and put him in charge of nature, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, wind, and clouds. God has appointed a complete creation of angels to assist him and placed them under his command. These angels are countless and no-one other than God knows their number. God has given Michael the gift of seeing the entire span of the created universes at once, with no interference of other universes. He knows at all times where he has to send rain, wind, snow, and clouds without effort on his part. The angels who assist him range in size from the hugest size imaginable to man to that of the smallest species living on this earth. They fill the entire atmosphere of every star and planet in every universe. Their praise to God can be heard by the other angels, by prophets, by saints, and by young children.


Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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