Budded Wall Cross

Beautiful Wall Hanging Cross

For a Christian gift that simply bursts from the wall with great joy, this budded wall cross is an undeniably great choice. Any occasion is the right one for this stunning piece!

The budded wall cross is crafted from resin to appear as gleaming gold. At 10” in height, the magnificent gift is packed full of amazing features! Each point of the cross is adorned with the face of a flower, each petal spilled out in meticulous detail. Behind the cross, a large golden orb hosts shimmering rays of light as they filter out across the piece in a bounty of color. The entire display is artistically rendered by Bella Casa Crosses to be a showpiece, and it’s one that you’ll be proud to display.

This budded wall cross is a wonderful gift to show the glory of God in any space. For home or office and in any aspect of your decor, this lovely gift will shine!


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  • $ 19.95Budded Wall Cross