By Jason Powers

What is life? Life is a journey that all must take; young and old, rich and poor. Life is not a choice but the journey is. Life with out Jesus Christ is meaningless. Wealth comes and goes health comes and goes but God in someone's' life never leaves. Jesus Christ is always there for the one who will call out to Him. When life brings its worst God stands up in defense for His children. What ever you face in this journey called life remember that God's love is abundant and never changes. You can make a million mistakes and Jesus will still be there for you, you can fail a million times and you will still find God standing there with open arms saying I will never leave you or forsake you.

What is life? Is there a purpose to it? Who will show the way to our calling; is there someone that will lead with an outstretched hand helping us in a dark and confused world. A world that is full of pain and sadness; can I still be fulfilled? Can I still see the beauty of creation when times seem to be so dark in my life? Is there a place of total peace and assurance? You have searched the world looking for that one thing that fulfills only to be disappointed, but have you tried surrender? It is an ugly word to those who don't know its power but it can be the most beautiful word to those who have tasted the fruits of surrender. The word it self is nothing, but when put into action totally surrendered to God can bring a miracle; a new life begins within that person. A life that cannot be explained but must be experienced; Jesus waits for all to make this decision in life and it's not just that powerful prayer that one prays at the alter. Surrender goes to an utmost level of decision; it's when a person will lay it all down before God to serve Him and give Him everything about himself/herself.

What is life? Many have searched for the meaning of life. How painful life can be; who can comfort in times of despair? Who can calm the storm when darkness surrounds a person? Who can speak to the mountain and say "be thou removed"? Who can say to the enemy that harasses God's children enough is enough? Is there such power and authority for mankind? Does God fight for His people in times of trouble or are we just here to exist? The heart melts at the lost of a loved one; when children go missing who will cry with brokenness. Yes Jesus is at the center of pain when one of His children is hurting; He stands with that one in tears crying alongside that one. How can a God so big reveal His love and comfort to one that is hurting and maybe angry because of the tragedy that has taken place? How Jesus stands in brokenness when His people don't trust Him and know the love that is there; if only we would trust and surrender to that love.

What is life? Who will be there for the precious single mother without a job? Who will be there for the father that is going to prison and leaving his children behind? Who will be there for that one that has lost everything and feels all alone? Who will be there for the mommy and daddy who just lost their little girl by a wicked man? Is there a place of security and safety? Is there a place in life where pain is lost forever? Only in the presence of Jesus is there safety and assurance. So where does one run to when trouble comes? Is there a place; a secret place that we can go to for protection and comfort? Is it called religion or is there more to it than just religion? Is there a God who cares and reaches down from Glory and walks with the hurting?
What is life? I will tell what life is; life is knowing that there is a God who loves you despite the mistakes and failures that you made. Life is knowing that you have a purpose and a destiny. Life is knowing that no-matter what happens tomorrow that God is still on the throne and all is well. Life is watching your precious children grow and learn the things that you have taught them. Life is to look into their little faces and see the grace of God and the joy of His light in the twinkle of their eyes that is life. Life is feeling safe in the arms of a mighty God who cares and wishes nothing but the best for His children.

What is life? A question that is asked by millions; a question that truly God can only answer; for who can know their tomorrow; who can know what will take place in the next day. Learn to take one day at a time and find rest, learn to give God everything and find peace. No-matter what tomorrow holds everything is going to be alright because Jesus loves you.

Jason Powers Author and Bible Teacher was given his God ordained calling in the summer of 1997.
He has his own ministry as a Bible Teacher and Writer.
His heart is to reach out to souls and to encourage others not to give up believing for their miracle.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com-Christian Writers


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