Jesus: The Most Powerful Name in the World

By Justin Ferriman

It really is astounding how popular and powerful the name "Jesus" is on our entire planet. His name alone has caused people to give their lives, take lives, forgive the unforgivable, despise a people (i.e. Jews), vote in politicians, harbor friendships with strangers, save self-destructive lives, create self-destructive lives, the donation of countless monies, vast humanitarian efforts, and so much more.

What is even more spectacular is that Jesus' name spread (although sometimes by very un-Christian methods such as force) during a world before all the technological advances that we have today. Arguably, there is no name that has more power, influence, and emotion attached to it than that of Jesus.

If one looks back on the ancient civilizations and their once prominent religions with an endless number of deities and spiritual figures, it is fascinating how they have all since disappeared. Sure, we learn about them in history classes, but the very fact that they are taught in school (in history) demonstrates that it is not deemed a recognizable religion. These religions were prevalent during a time when a whole slew of spiritual practice to a great number of gods was occurring - the chances of one religion surviving thousands of years into the future were slim to none.

So here we are today, and alleged 2000 years since Jesus and his name lives on (as predicted by the Gospels, especially Luke-Acts). Believers and non-believers are in the same boat in that they are subject to Jesus' influence on this globe. Almost the entire population of the planet knows of the name Jesus.

He is a prominent figure not just in Christianity, but also Islam. That makes approximately 3.4 billion people familiar with His name (roughly 54% of the earth's population), and those are just religious practitioners. We cannot forget the 1.1 billion professed atheists/agnostics/secular humanists etc. that don't believe in Jesus' divinity, but are nonetheless familiar with His name and the amount of power it carries.

No other name has transcended time to the extent that Jesus' has. No other name has had an impact on more lives in the history of humanity than Jesus'. I would argue that no other name will have more powerful popularity than Jesus'. Being that it is indisputable that His name is a global utterance, don't you think it to be important to research what He had to say?

Justin Ferriman ( is a soon to be published author in non-fiction Christianity.
He is currently attending graduate school in business, but actively writes about politics and religion on his blog

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