The Day I Found Out

By Shavon Suquitana

I was once in a dark room with no light to be found
Not even a speak not even a sound
Crouched in a corner with tears running down my face
Not an ounce of love not even a taste
I felt all alone like no one was there
Felt so much pain I couldn't even bear
So stressed out my heart was going to explode
All of this on my shoulders what a heavy load
Until one day I said Jesus's name
That is the day I became sane
Jesus unlocked that dark room and let me out
With no more fear, no more pain without any doubt
He came in to my life and showed me his glory
I opened his book and I read his story
I found out he loves me like no one else could
Found out he's there for me like no one else would
Found out he's coming back to take me away
Finally going home and forever there to stay
Found out he will be with me until the end of time
Found out no matter what happens I know I'll be just fine
Found out we can talk to him wherever we are
He lies in the heavens like a bright shining star
The day I found out it was a whole new me
I want people to know that in Jesus lies the key

By Shavon Suquitana.
Share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ through poetry.

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