By Stacey Thaeler

Yield obedience instead of demand it,
Content with what God provides.
Let His every word be your nourishment,
His suffering before your eyes.

Banish idols from your life and be filled with His teaching,
Then spiritual prosperity you'll achieve.
What you measure out will be measured to you,
So give more than you receive.

Don't be like Cain, so full of rebellion,
Who, with the Lord's warning never complied.
No, don't sell yourself into bondage,
All for the sake of anger and pride.

As we keep our minds humble, boasting only in the Lord,
Disorder and conflict will flee.
Step out in meekness and longsuffering
Because Christ came in humility.

By Stacey Thaeler
Copyright 2008

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Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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