The King That Brought Love

By Shavon Suquitana

This man that took my heart and became the love of my life
He shed his blood to take away my pain and strife
He loves me unconditionally, Im the apple of his eye
One day he will come back to us on a cloud from the sky
There is kingdom that awaits us way beyond the stars
Just call his name he isn't very far
He can save others just as he saved me
Pray to him and then you will see
Love him forever just as he loves you
Walk with him and he will make you a new
His name is Jesus the king that brought us love
GOD gave him to us from the great heavens above

By Shavon Suquitana.
Share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ through poetry.

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Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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