The One, The Lord

By Shavon Suquitana

The one who wipes those sad tears away
The one who is forever here to stay
The one who opens your heart and fills it with joy and love
The one who came from the heavens above
The one who see's and knows everything
The one person we call King
The one who will always and forever care
The one who will never leave and always be there
The one who picks you up when all hope is lost
The one who warned you that the price of sin would cost
The one who makes you feel so good inside
The one who never ever lied
The one who is so bright
The one who guides you with that special light
That one.....That one is the Lord
My all mighty sword

By Shavon Suquitana.
Share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ through poetry.

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Christian gifts are sweetest when they are won with prayers and adorned with thanks.

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