Rightly Dividing

By Stacey Thaeler

As water dripped from the feet of the Lord,
The curious crowd watched Him walk away.
The Father's voice had allowed from Heaven
Love for His Son to be poured straightaway.

So why did this man, who from Nazareth came,
Disappear in the wilderness, not to return?
They waited and watched, but He didn't come out.
Is this when John the Baptist's doubts started to burn?

In obedience to the Father, and led by the Spirit,
Jesus fasted for forty days.
Temptation from Satan lay ahead He knew,
So the power of the Spirit gave praise.

To obey the Father and redeem a fallen race,
He had to rightly divide the word of truth.
Himself the antidote for mankind's sin,
He prepared for this moment from His youth.

Out of hot, dry sand and barren rock
The tempter slithered for attack.
The poison darts he chose that day
Jesus deftly removed from their track.

Crushed by the Word, the devil fled,
Trailing behind his venomous morsels.
Then the Father above sent His weary Son
Soothing balm through ministering angels.

By Stacey Thaeler
Copyright 2008

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com-Christian Writers


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