Country Villa Birdhouse

Rustic Style Birdhouse Design

This charming little Villa Birdhouse is reminiscent of one you’d find tucked into the hillside of a centuries-old Italian village. You’re sure to know someone who would love to welcome this enchanting gift to their home or garden!

The Villa Birdhouse is full of cottage appeal. Crafted from resin, it has an old-fashioned exterior that closely resembles stucco. Presented in earthy shades of brown, the weathered shingled roof sits in delightful contrast to the meticulously detailed eave carving and the decorative border below. Perched on the roof is a lovely cross, standing tall and proud atop its modest abode. This Villa Birdhouse will blend beautifully into your garden, or use it to add a taste of rustic charm to your home or office décor. Measuring 4 ¾” W x 9” H x 5 ¼” D, this handsome piece will add character to an empty table or mantle.

This Villa Birdhouse is a great gift for a friend or loved one. Strong in Christian faith, it evokes a sense of peace whenever it catches your gaze.


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