garden Angel Bird feeder 

Exquisite bird Feeder With Old World Charm

This lovely Garden Angel Bird Feeder is just full of charm. This charismatic little girl is sure to fill your garden with spirit and joy!

You’ll delight in the flowing curls of the Garden Angel Bird Feeder. Her halo and wings artfully curled around her, she emits a peaceful feeling as she cradles a dove in her hand. In the other hand she steadies a generous bowl that will hold a helping of seed for your fine feathered friends. With the appearance of an antique heirloom, her skirts are ornately detailed, her expression kind and serene. The Garden Angel Bird Feeder statue is crafted from resin and metal and stands 17” high.

Whether you’d like to put her in your own garden or want to give a gift that is sincere in Christian faith, this Garden Angel Bird Feeder is sure to be exactly what you were looking for!


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  • $ 49.95Garden Angel Bird feeder