Garden Birdfeeder Plaque

Floral Birdfeeder With Song Bird

This beautiful Garden Bird Feeder Plaque will blend right in to your bountiful garden! This amazing display is perfect as a Christian gift, or show your faith by displaying one in your own back yard!

The eye-catching Garden Bird Feeder Plaque is crafted in stunning detail, the bird so lifelike that you can imagine the softness of the feathers and catch a glimmer of recognition in his eye. He sits, head cocked with personality, atop a mass of gentle purple petals. So vivid that you can smell their sweet scent, these tiny petals are dotted with leaves and blue blooms which leap from the bush in a startling show of artistic pride. The plaque reads “The flowers Appear on the earth, The time of singing has come. Song of Solomon 2:12” and measures 7” H. Fill the feeder with seed and you’ll welcome these beautiful birds to your yard in no time!

This lovely Garden Bird Feeder Plaque is a magnificent gift, perfect to display outdoors or as a decorative accent inside your home.


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  • $ 24.95Garden Birdfeeder Plaque