Godparents Plaque Set

The Perfect Gift For New Godparents

You’ve spent a great deal of time praying and seeking guidance in choosing your child’s Godparents, and once you’ve found the right people to nurture your child’s soul this Godparents plaque set is a lovely way to show your gratitude!

Each Godparents gift set measures 8” wide and 5 ½” tall. Each of the resin plaques reads like a letter, with one to “Godmother” and the other to “Godfather.” The rest of the message reads “Thank you for your guidance, your prayers, and your love. Through your example, I will learn the path to God above.” The words are set into the stone-like surface of the plaque, with a white cross overlooking the sentiment. The plaques stand alone on a table or desk, or you can place them against a wall or on a mantle.

You may never be able to show your child’s Godparents just how much their commitment means to you, but this Godparents plaque set is a lovely way to express your appreciation!


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