"Lord Hear My prayer" Box

Beautifully adorned Prayer Box

When you need a gift of strong Christian faith, this Lord Hear My Prayer prayer box is a powerful one. Stunning in detail, this box is sure to make an impact on the blessed recipient!

Prayer boxes, traditionally used as receptacles for written prayer requests, have a warm history of faith and Christian love. This Lord Hear My Prayer prayer box is beautifully reminiscent of those boxes that the faithful and those seeking God have turned to, but it’s perfectly sized for filling a spot on a table, dresser, or mantle. Featuring amazing scroll detail along the sides and an antiqued relic-like finish, this box reads “Lord, hear my Prayer” beneath a striking bronze-colored cross. The cross-shaped box measures 4 ½” W x 5 ¾” H x 2” D and is crafted from resin.

This exquisite gift makes a wonderful addition to a dresser for use as a jewelry box, or use for safekeeping precious mementos. The Lord Hear My Prayer prayer box is sure to become one of your prized possessions!


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  • $ 29.99"Lord Hear My Prayer" Box