Love Letters Wall Plaque

Beautiful Wall Plaque Displaying The Words Of God

This Love Letters Wall Plaque is an exceptional wall display for followers of the Christian faith. With a natural appearance and accented by greenery, this eye-catching display is a lovely rendition of some of God’s many gifts for his children.

The Love Letters Wall Plaque is filled with messages of God’s love. From “I hear you and I care” to “I am with you always” and three others, these sentiments have long been accepted messages of Christian faith. This remarkable Love Letters Wall Plaque is made of a powderstone and polyresin blend and measures 9” in diameter and ½” thick. The stone-like appearance is nicely enhanced with detail of leaves and other greenery and is signed “Love, God.”

This uplifting Love Letters Wall Plaque makes a great Christian gift and is an easy reminder that God is always near His children. Share this thoughtful plaque with a friend and the sentiment will leave you both smiling!


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