Pewter Scrollwork Angels Cross

Unique Wall Hanging Pewter Cross

This Pewter Scrollwork Angels Cross is simply stunning. A close look at the high level of detail packed into this striking cross will leave you nearly breathless!

The Pewter Scrollwork Angels Cross features intimately crafted and dynamic design. Each point of the cross arches like the wings of an angel, scurrying back in a beautiful flow of art and form. The center of the cross is open, bringing the element of the background wall into this thrilling piece. At 14” high and made from Pewter, this Scrollwork Angels Cross is particularly appropriate for an edgier décor, but it will lend its presence and personality to even the most sophisticated spaces. Add it to a mantel for instant drama, or display it on the wall of your home or office.

This Pewter Scrollwork Angels Cross makes a great Christian gift! If fancy and floral is not your style, you can still show off your strong Christian faith with this fine piece!


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  • $ 25.95Scrollwork Angels Cross