Mission Of The Sacred Mint

The Sacred Mint’s mission is to offer unique Christian gifts to the community. We would like to enlighten the Christian community about each gifts origin, and explain how it has helped to build the foundation of our Faith. Each Christian gift is handpicked, to ensure that the story behind it is as amazing as the gift itself. The Sacred Mint feels that to spread the faith to others, we must first understand ourselves how Christianity has blossomed throughout the ages.

It is only once we have a full understanding of our Christian history, that we can enlighten others to our Faith. We are firm believers that knowledge is power. God has provided us with knowledge; it is our responsibility to spread His word. We hope to spread His word by providing the valuable information which accompanies each one of our Christian gifts. With this, we invite you to browse our inventory of unique Christian gifts.

About Our Christian Gifts

Please read the story of each Christian gift, as they are sure to enlighten even the most educated Christians. Feel free to share any information you learn on our site with your friends and family. We want to be more than just another website selling Christian gifts.

Some of the items you will find on our site were designed and created exclusively for the Sacred Mint. Our team of designers has spent countless hours thinking of Christian gifts that would help to strengthen the faith of our Christian customers. The Jerusalem Cross, for example, was designed and produced exclusively by the Sacred Mint. You would be hard pressed to find a Christian gift more unique than this one. We will continue to add new Christian gifts regularly, and hope you will return to the Sacred Mint often to check out our newest items. Thank you again for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your experience at the Sacred Mint. May God bless you all.

Statement Of Faith

We believe that God is the creator of the universe creating both of the seen (physical) and the unseen (spiritual) realms and that God the creator is also the giver of life.

We believe the Holy Bible is God's word Personally spoken by God for mankind for the purpose of revealing who He is and it is without error in all issues to which it speaks.

We believe in the Triunity (Trinity), one God in three Persons, consisting of Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

We Believe Jesus Christ is Divine God who came from Heaven to mankind as a man yet retaining the Divinity of God and who while living a sinless life was rejected and betrayed by man to be crucified and die on the cross yet not to remain dead but to Resurrect the third day in accordance with His Everlasting Divine life.

We believe that the death of Jesus on the cross provided complete atonement for all the sins of the world therefore cleansing those who choose to be cleansed from their sin to then receive the Holy Spirit and by receiving the Holy Spirit becoming "Born Again" and being Born Again becoming children of God. Children in the family of God and as children in a personal relationship with their Father who is God above all and as children also inheritors in the Heavenly Kingdom of Jesus the kingdom that is without end.

We believe that Jesus is the judge of all of mankind's thoughts, intentions and actions and that He is just and wise in His judgment. As judge, Jesus will judge the unjust to everlasting condemnation while to the righteous He will give of His life, His gifts, and His glory.

We believe Jesus physically rose from the dead, was seen by and interacted with many eyewitnesses including the Disciples and Apostles and that Jesus has now ascended back into Heaven where He originally came from. Jesus is currently seated in Majesty, Power and Authority alongside the Father and He is now accessible to us in both Prayer and Fellowship.