Seven Ribbon Cross

Beautiful Wall Hanging Cross

This dramatic seven ribbon cross is an intricate, beautiful piece for display in your home or office! The 7” resin cross has the look of brushed metal, as if a treasured copper artifact has been lifted from the ruins of an ancient city and brought back to life for a fine art show. Instead, you can bring this fine gift of Christian faith to your own home!

Each seven ribbon cross is crafted in amazing detail. Seven flowing ribbons intertwine in an intimate courtship, weaving and dancing through space to form this masterful piece of Christian art. It’s tempting to follow every line and curve, as if one could actually trace the ribbon through its fantastic journey from one point of the cross to the other.

This fine piece of work will fit into any decor, from a fine showplace to the most humble of abodes. Welcome this seven ribbon cross into your home or give one for a gift that will certainly be adored by the recipient!


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  • $ 6.95Seven Ribbon Cross