Confirmation Gift Cross

Highly Acclaimed Tomaso Brand

When a Christian is accepted into the church by the sacrament of confirmation, it’s a reason to celebrate! This confirmation gift cross is a simply glorious way to commemorate the significance of the moment with a gift of Christian faith! This confirmation gift cross is designed in stunning detail that is reminiscent of the ornate carvings found in the most resplendent cathedrals in the world. A dove – the symbol of peace and love – is featured in the center of the cross. In each direction, the arms of the cross extend like rays of sunlight for an effect which is simply majestic.

The conformation gift cross is beautifully crafted to the standards of the highly acclaimed Tomaso brand. Made of resin, each 7 ½” tall cross arrives nestled onto a bed of luxurious satin in an exquisite gift box display. Each gift presentation is complete with a certificate that you can personalize to commemorate the occasion. Honor the confirmation of a loved one with this breathtaking gift that is sure to be treasured!


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  • $ 19.95Confirmation Gift Cross