Godparents Gift Cross

Highly Acclaimed Tomaso Brand

You’ve poured your heart into choosing a godparent for your child, and that incredible person is one of God’s greatest gifts for your family.  When you just can’t say enough to share your gratitude, this lovely godparents gift cross speaks sweetly from the heart. This stunning godparents gift cross features a child held gently in a loving embrace.  The words Father, Son, and Holy Spirit surround the elegant carving, which is remarkably detailed with textures and inlays.  The natural bone-white cross is both reverent and tasteful, offering a proper distinction to the poignancy of this cherished moment.  

This gift cross is beautifully crafted to the standards of the highly acclaimed Tomaso brand.  Made of resin, each 7 ½” tall cross arrives nestled onto a bed of luxurious satin in an exquisite gift box display.  Each gift presentation is complete with a certificate that you can personalize to commemorate the occasion.  Say thank you to your child’s godparent in a way they’ll never forget with this one-of-a-kind gift!


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  • $ 19.95Godparents Gift Cross