Valencia Table Cross

From The Highly Praised Valencia Collection

This Valencia Table Cross is a delightful way to share your Christian faith! When you need a Christian gift for any occasion, look no further than this stunning piece.

The Valencia Table Cross features contrasting colors to create an energetic display. The antiqued ivory points of the cross curve in an elegant dance, their tips ornately designed to look like treasured pieces from long ago. The matching center plaque and base of the cross draw the eye in, while the crackled floral arms of the cross offer excitement. The Valencia Table Cross stands tall on a matching decorative base. The entire presentation is vibrant and spiritual, full of beauty and grace. This lovely Christian gift is made of ceramic and measures 10” high. Add one to a table or mantle to instantly share your faith.

This Valencia Table Cross is a stirring display piece that is sure to brighten any Christian home! This gift is one of pure enjoyment for any occasion.


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  • $ 12.95Valencia Table Cross