Victorian Church Birdfeeder

With Elegant Stained Glass Panel Sides

This Victorian Church Bird Feeder is a charming way to add character to your garden. You’ll rejoice every time you see the sunlight filter through this charismatic accent to your outdoor living space!

The Victorian Church Bird Feeder has the amiable look of an old country church complete with stained-glass windows. Feel yourself lifted away to that stained-glass church of your childhood with the warm colors that brighten this lovely piece. Made of wood, this Victorian Bird feeder measures 6 3/8” x 6 3/8” x 12 ½” high and features painted glass panels. A bottom tray holds a serving of bird seed for feathered friends.

The Victorian Bird Feeder is a delightful Christian gift for indoors or out. Place it in front of a sunny window to add a burst of color, or make it an inviting addition to your country décor. Whether you keep it for yourself or share one with a friend, the Victorian Bird Feeder is sure to be a new favorite!


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  • $ 18.95Victorian Birdfeeder