What Would Jesus Do bear

Stunningly Cute Teddy Bear With WWJD T-Shirt

This What Would Jesus Do Bear is irresistibly cute! What a great way to bring a smile to the face of kids and grownups alike with a gentle message of Christian faith.

The What Would Jesus Do Bear is made of soft plush. Wearing a friendly smile, this expressive little guy sports the familiar “What Would Jesus Do?” motto on his baby blue shirt. His eyes deep and soulful, he almost seems to ponder the question as he sits ready for cuddles and hugs from his youngest friends. The What Would Jesus Do Bear measures 6 5/8” by 9” x 9 ½” high, so he’s the perfect size to be a special child’s next favorite companion. He’s made of Polyester and is a HDPE pellet-filled toy suitable for ages three and up.

The What Would Jesus Do Bear is a great gift for a child, but you’re sure to lift the spirit of adults with his winsome presence. What an adorable way to share the love of Jesus with a friend!


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